Dr. Ali Imad Fadlallah has served over 400 clients as an admissions specialist, writer/editor, interview coach, and leadership coach. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Henry Ford College. From Harvard to Hollywood, Ali’s pen has paved a path into the world’s leading programs and job placements, and he has a passion for helping others do the same. Learn more in his bio, and book a free consultation today!


I specialize in personal statements, application essays, résumé writing/design, and interview prep for elite colleges, universities, and jobs. I don’t just edit for grammar, I help re-write sentences and restructure paragraphs until the voice, style, and content is perfect.


“While applying for my MBA, Ali reviewed and edited my personal statements and résumé. His edits were thoughtful, engaging, and constructive. Down to the details — between word choice, comma placements, sentence syntax — he polished my personal statement into a concise reflection that was full of character and showcased by passions. I was accepted into the program on a Dean’s Scholarship, and I was told my personal statement is what helped me stand out as an applicant. Without hesitation, Ali has been the most effective editor I’ve worked with.’

-Mariam Jalloul, Legislative Assistant to Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib


I reached out to Ali for help editing dozens of essays when I applied to medical school last year. Ali eased an extremely difficult process — saving me time, energy, and unnecessary stress. I was BLOWN AWAY when I received high-quality revisions that drastically improved my writing while maintaining the integrity of my work. Thanks to Ali’s constructive feedback, attention to detail, and professional turnaround time, I confidently applied to nearly 20 medical schools and will be attending a top institution this fall. Ali is my first and ONLY choice for any proofreading needs.

-Julia Haidar, Brehm Scholar, U of M Medical School


I will revise, reorganize, and redesign your résumé, with 10 different styles to choose from. Download mine below:

“Ali was beyond helpful! I went from having a résumé I was not confident in, to one I am beyond proud of. He worked with me on such a short timeline… and yet the final product was nothing short of amazing! I will come back and highly recommend Ali to anybody building a résumé — if you are applying for a job, I guarantee Ali will get you to where you need to be!’

Luay Shalabi, Student and aspiring Law Enforcement Professional



I’ve had the pleasure of offering over 50 clients interview prep for top graduate programs and employers nationwide! Please schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs.

Working with Dr. Ali has been a very positive experience. First off he actively listens and gives me feedback that is actually helpful. He is genuine in his conversations and that makes me feel comfortable. As part of the coaching we have been working on ITC (Immunity to Change Map). This map makes you think about a problem and forces you to look at the problem from different angles. It’s truly an eye opener. Every week I look forward to our meeting and it excites me how I have improved in my leadership role.

-Hector Gutierrez, Migrant Ed. Coordinator, Lost Hills, CA



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I used Ali’s services to help polish my résumé. I appreciated the comments and questions Ali asked because they helped to clarify my thinking and pushed me to strengthen the story I was trying to tell. Thanks to Ali I now have a résumé that I am proud to present to prospective employers. Thanks!’

Dr. Ola Friday, Harvard Ed.L.D., State of MA Assistant Commissioner, Workforce Dev.

Ali helped bring to life my law school personal statement. Beyond correcting my grammatical mistakes, his true strength is asking probing questions that lead you to think deeper about what you are truly trying to say. If it wasn’t for Ali’s insight, I know I would not have been able to articulate my story as concisely and eloquently as I did.

Rihan Issa, Law School Student, The University of Michigan

I worked with Ali as a peer coach, and I greatly valued his discerning ear and his ability to reflect back to me what he heard, as well as to help me navigate complex situations. He listens like a friend but is also able to coach like the systems-thinker that he is.

-Dr. Andrea LaRocca, Senior Project Manager, Harvard Grad School of Ed.

‘When applying to Teach for America and the University of Chicago, Ali reviewed, edited, and provided relevant feedback on my essays to help me focus on my skills and speak to the values of each organization. His advice was critical to me positioning myself as a worthy candidate. I was admitted into both!’

Lenora Magee-Howard, Teacher & Artist

“After being out of school for almost a decade, my writing skills were
a little rusty when completing my personal statement for graduate
school.  With Ali’s detailed guidance and revisions, I was able to
compose a compelling personal statement.  {Ali} was a
wonderful resource and I look forward to using his professional
services in the future.” -H.A.



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Ali Imad plays Mark Z. in the club scene of Social Network

Upcoming Ali Imad films:

  • “B2” (Lead) – Selected for LA Shorts Festival!
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