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Ali Imad Fadlallah is a singer, songwriter, audio engineer, actor, producer, writer and mindset coach. 

He earned his MBA from Emory University and a Doctorate in Education Leadership (EdLD) from Harvard University. At Harvard, Ali examined the impact of music and popular media on people, eventually leading to his 2017 TED Talk, “Hit Song Science.”



Saváge with Aloush

Saváge with Aloush is a webseries centered on socio-political satire.

Episode 1: “Lebanon Don”

Episode 2: “Ahmelectric”

Episode 3: “Wokest Tattoo Shop”

Episode 4: “The Trumpeteer”

Episode 5: “Mr. Saviourini”

Episode 6: Djej-Fil-A

The Fake Film Critics (FFC)

Episode 1: INTRO & “A Star Is Born” Review | Link to Blog Post


BE FREE is a talk-show centered on freeing ourselves to free society. Follow my co-host Dr. Annice E. Fisher at @AnniceESpeaks

Season 2, Episode 8: On Education
Season 2, Episode 7: On Race PT. 2
Season 2, Episode 6: On Activism PT. 2
Season 2, Episode 5: On Faith PT. 2
Season 2, Episode 4: On Health Inside-Out
Season 2, Episode 3: On Romantic Relationships PT. 2
Season 2, Episode 2: On Friendships
Season 2, Episode 1: On Self-Love



Ali Imad plays Mark Z. in the club scene of Social Network

Upcoming Ali Imad films:

  • “B2” (Lead)
  • “My Name Is” (Lead)
  • “Blind Imagination” (Supporting)

Footage coming soon!


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The Truth About Men: More Fun & Funny Than Expected (Score: 7.5/10)

Assuming you watch the preview before you walk into the film, it’s almost impossible to walk away from this one disappointed. It delivers on its promised storyline — which is admittedly cliché and predictable — while undoubtedly adding some timely sociopolitical satire (perhaps “timeless” is more appropriate, unfortunately — but I’m referring to nods to …

A Star Is Born: Musa & Mariam This Is A Great Movie (Score: 10/10)

I’m not comparing Gaga & The Coop to Moses & Mary; it’s just a figure of speech. If you’re offended, I’m offended that you’re offended. It’s my spiritually fulfilling way of saying: WWOOOOWWW! WOW PEOPLE. I, unlike others I’ve heard, am entirely unsurprised that Gaga can act. I actually think it was ridiculous to expect …

Bohemian Rhapsody: Rotten Tomatoes is Rotten, This Film is Fire (Score: 10/10)

I’m feelin’ that feelin’ you feel when the amount of feels you’re feelin’ is going to make it difficult to express your feelings as concisely as you’d like. Can I get an Ameen? No? Cool. Already know imma take the L on this post — like, for long. Foremost, thank God I’m a fake film …



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