BE FREE is a talk-show centered on freeing ourselves to free society. Follow my co-host Dr. Annice E. Fisher at @AnniceESpeaks

Season 2, Episode 8: On Education
Season 2, Episode 7: On Race PT. 2
Season 2, Episode 6: On Activism PT. 2
Season 2, Episode 5: On Faith PT. 2
Season 2, Episode 4: On Health Inside-Out
Season 2, Episode 3: On Romantic Relationships PT. 2
Season 2, Episode 2: On Friendships
Season 2, Episode 1: On Self-Love

Saváge with Aloush

Saváge with Aloush is a comedy webseries centered on socio-political satire.

Episode 1: “Lebanon Don”

Episode 2: “Ahmelectric”

Episode 3: “Wokest Tattoo Shop”

Episode 4: “The Trumpeteer”

Episode 5: “Mr. Saviourini”

Episode 6: Djej-Fil-A

The Fake Film Critics (FFC)

Episode 1: INTRO & “A Star Is Born” Review | Link to Blog Post


Ali Imad plays Mark Z. in the club scene of Social Network

Upcoming Ali Imad films:

  • “B2” (Lead) – Selected for LA Shorts Festival!
  • “My Name Is” (Lead) – Ali plays a young Eminem
  • “Blind Imagination” (Supporting) – Premiered at Woodbury U

Footage coming soon!


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