Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Are Your Services Legal and Ethical?

Yes and yes! We operate within state and federal laws/guidelines to the extent of our knowledge, and we seek out legal guidance to promote the legal soundness and transparency of our business. We also strive to meet the ethical standards of the college/graduate programs that our clients are targeting, though we do not take responsibility for being the experts or providers of each program’s standards. For example, since Stanford University has a stated policy that applicants should receive no assistance whatsoever on their application material, and since we are aware of this policy, we do NOT support applicants to Stanford University.

I Heard You “Ghostwrite” Personal Statements. Is That True?

No. We offer a guided process “from scratch” which is referred to as the “from scratch” service. This name may lead to the misconception that we write personal statements “from scratch.” However, the “from scratch” services involves a guided process utilizing a detailed questionnaire that is completed by the client/candidate, and which helps the client/candidate generate a “draft” on their own. From there, we work with the client to help edit and develop this draft into a competitive personal statement. We caution clients/candidates against utilizing the services of companies that “write your personal statement for you,” as this not only raises ethical concerns, but also, in our opinion, results in a much weaker statement.

What Is Your Success Rate? has supported MD, DO, PA, BSN, JD, PhD, Ed.L.D., MBA, MPH, CRNA, and College candidates in gaining admittance into the world’s most competitive programs, including the Ivy Leagues. Hundreds of testimonials and success stories have flooded our inboxes over the years, suggesting that the vast majority of clients who knock on our doors not only leave happy, but also enter new doors at their desired college/graduate school. However, since admissions is based on numerous factors, we do not take credit for these admittances by quantifying our success rate. True to the motto: “I’m just the editor, you’re the chief…” we prefer to stand on the strength of our incredible testimonials, reviews, and the word-of-mouth recommendations that power our Dearborn-based business.

Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

No. No company of any nature should be offering guarantees on admissions. Please reference the Netflix special, “Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal” for the legal and ethical implications of such guarantees.

How Long Does Your Process Take?

The process ranges from 1-3 weeks, depending on your needs. Occasionally, we offer a more expedited service at a 20% surcharge (ranges 48-72 hours). Email to inquire about the expedited services.