A Star Is Born: Musa & Mariam This Is A Great Movie (Score: 10/10)

Mandatory Credit: Photo by David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock
75th Venice International Film Festival, Italy – 31 Aug 2018
In Episode 1 of the Fake Film Critics, we cover “A Star Is Born!”

I’m not comparing Gaga & The Coop to Moses & Mary; it’s just a figure of speech. If you’re offended, I’m offended that you’re offended. It’s my spiritually fulfilling way of saying: WWOOOOWWW! WOW PEOPLE.

I, unlike others I’ve heard, am entirely unsurprised that Gaga can act. I actually think it was ridiculous to expect otherwise. I’m pretty sure she went to a music and film academy for college and even if she didn’t, in my mind she did (yes this can be verified in seconds but I’m not interested — you do it), plus she’s as theatrical and ridiculous-a-music-persona (in a good way) as I’ve ever seen… so I had huge expectations for her acting chops. She met them. She didn’t exceed them because I already expected her to be the real-life-star that she is. And, she is. So there’s that. She was absolutely amazing, folks. Stunning. Beautiful. Skilled. Seasoned. Fresh.

To that end, the coolest part about this film for me was this mind-blowing irony: through Lady Gaga’s acting, I felt like I finally got to know Stefani… the woman behind the superstar persona. Didn’t you feel like that too? Maybe you already knew her that way. I can’t claim to be a Little Monster (given name of Gaga groupies), so maybe I’m just late to The Lady.

Bradley Cooper writes, directs, and stars in this film. He actually sings the songs, people. All of them. That’s his voice. Many of these were recorded and performed live. The man can sang. How did they do it? They showed up to real life concerts and stole some stage time! How cool is that? Shallow is my favorite track.

His relationship with his brother is one of the gems of this film. The complicated nature is nothing new, but the cinematic charm is a breath of fresh air. The head-to-head scenes where they’re mumbling to each other through high tension feel so real and relatable, even if you don’t beef with your brethren like that.

Listen, I’m not a film critic so I know there’s a lot I’m not covering but I don’t care. All you need to know is that this film deserves that T-E-N, believe that. Like you believe in Moses and Mary.

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