Creed II: A Knockout Story You Can’t Forget (Score: 9/10)

It’s bigger than boxing. That was established in Creed I but just like Michael B Jordan’s jabs, you’ll see it more quickly and feel it more sharply in this sequel. What a flick, folks.

Who reinvents themself better than Rocky? Sylvester Stallone is a savant. He writes, directs, and stars in this film and his humility, evolution, and acting chops are reminiscent of Clint Eastwood. Maybe his acting isn’t of that caliber quite yet — but everything else is. And I’m not for the comparison stuff anyway. Stallone is his own star and he’s a shiny one.


People: TESSA. Try-not-to-love-me-and-watch-yourself-lose. THOMPSON. Not that I tried. I didn’t try at all. I accepted defeat about as quickly as Michael B Jordan did. This woman is a force. For this film and for the universe. Oh, and she literally steals the show ;-). In one of the coolest and most memorable scenes I’ve seen in a long time. You’ll see.

The fact that she doesn’t grace the cover’s of Creed’s promos is what I call silent blasphemy. I also think it was unwise from a marketing standpoint, because I don’t think this is your “maschismo” film. I think women would/do enjoy it equally. All that said, “Big Nasty,” Creed’s opponent — deserves that cover credit. I love how they humanized and complicated his character and gave him a compelling, less-cliche backstory.

You’re probably frustrated by now. I told you nothing about Creed’s main star. I feel you, but I was up-front that I suck at being a film critic — I’m just a film fan. I mean, what do you want? His act was as awesome as his abs. What, you want to hear me say he makes me question my sexuality? He doesn’t. He just reminds me that attraction isn’t gender-binary to begin with. So fall back and go fall in love with this film yourself.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right-Hook,


P.S. {#SemiSpoilerAlert}. The dialogue between Rocky & Creed, in the hospital after the baby is born. Absolutely brilliant and beautiful. My fav.

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